We’re Idun (ee-done) Cider, handcrafted hard cider named after the Norse Goddess of rejuvenation. She had a thing for gifting apples and immortality, and we bring this passion for fresh and enduring flavor into every can, blending traditional Scandinavian ingredients with those true to the Pacific Northwest.


For you, we created the cider we always wanted but couldn’t find. We’re three folks tired of drinking mediocre, sugar-loaded cider who decided that if someone else wouldn’t make affordable, accessible, and unforgettable fresh hard cider, we would. If it was easy, everyone would do it.


Dry Blend Citrusy with a tart finish, our flagship cider blends gravenstein, winesap, and newtown pippin heirloom apples for a truly authentic PNW Original. Naturally occurring hints of tangerine, melon, and honey combine to deliver a fruit-forward new world cider.


Come Find Us!

Chuck's Hop Shop, Central District
Full Throttle Bottles
The Beer Junction
Kangaroo & Kiwi
Percy's and Co.
The Collective
Capitol Cider
Chuck's Hop Shop, Greenwood
Schilling Cider House
Teku Tavern
Pecado Bueno, Fremont
Cone & Steiner General, Pioneer Square
Cone & Steiner General, Downtown
Cone & Steiner General, Capitol Hill
Taylor Shelfish, Capitol Hill
Stampede Cocktail Club
Union Saloon
Cafe Solstice
Ballard Beer Company
Corvus & Co.
The Back Door
Downtown Spirits
Kiss Cafe

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